Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fundamental Particles

Fundamental particle is one which cannot be split into smaller components.

eg: Electron , Positron (anti particle of electron)


Quarks undergo interactions via strong nuclear forces.
eg: proton and neutron consist of quarks.

paricle with same mass and opposite charge.
-proton and nutron are not fundamental particles.
-proton and nutron are constructed from smaller particles called quarks.

u - up quark : +(2/3) e
d - down quark : -(1/3)e

proton -:uud
neutron -: udd

There are six types of quarks.
* up quarks (u)
* down quarks (d)
* charm quarks (c)
* strange quarks (s)
* top quarks (t)
* bottom quarks (b)

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